Thursday, October 18, 2012

What I like in you?

What do I say?
What do I like in you?
Perhaps the way you act bashful
Or the way you make me beam
Or the way you untangle my hair
With your trembling hands.

Or perhaps the way you
Lay your gaze at me
For me to endure
While I look away
Or maybe like you
Want me to feel definite
About you being there.

Or the way you surrender yourself
To me in a form so suave
And my eyes,
As if I never saw anyone
As enthralling as 'you'.

Or the way you greet me
With a sense of honor
And a cheer so refined
In the words you choose
To say

Or like the way your eyelashes
Float on your face
When you peek at me
Through the darkness of your palms
Like you would want to convey
The melody of your mind
Through your glare
In fragments.

What else do I say?
What else do I like in you?
When this is how I
Elucidate you
In my conception
Like a complete
Which ever struck
Me so rigid,
That I beg to melt.

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