Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Here n There, Quoting me desirous!

"It was a new beginning
From behind"

"For I never called a beggar; a beggar
and a president a priest"

"I walked in the darkness absorbing you
And then
The light faded your name"

"I was once
a lover
like the one
you had imagined
soaked in love
kissed by dew

"I construed your name
in poetry;
defined us in poetry
like the gush of air
full of fresh breath
and the moment worth a tear"

"I feel that we could
marry the times embraced
for a ring on the fantasies
a necklace on the delusions
and a kiss on the moon
we drew
in the name of us"

"Pinch me
like you exist
pinch me for good
like you matter
pinch me hard
like you feel it
pinch me;
pinch me like
a millions dead
and its you
who's alive"

"I lay upon his breast
cuddling him
as I miss the version of us
from last birth"

"A mild touch
of your bare skin
on mine
like the
mood at first
being born

"And I was strolling
down the lanes
searching for a soul
a soul so beguiled
with a pair of glasses
for it was an aura felt
around the lips
of a beauty"

"Thus I liked the way he moved
for he had a message in his motions
an intimation of bliss
I inhaled when he used to

"From his toes
to his hips
his waist
his chest
his neck
his chin
his lips
his eyes
his hair
there was nothing
that I wasn't wrapped in"

"I wanted more of just the love; perhaps some more of reality".

"We want someone. Not just anyone. For a while. Or longer".

"The raw jaw
the bare chest
the sweaty head
the humid kiss
what will I never dream of him? "

"For I had learnt how to
adjust with adjustments in love by making
easy decisions"

"Be on this side
be on my side
be on me, however"

"Your laughter is my bread
your giggles, my liquid
I live on this
don't take it away"

"Lift your chin up
and perceive the madness
she has in her aches for you"

© Latika Sareen
Protected by Copyscape DMCA Copyright Protection

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