Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Cancer which made her 'gone'

And she lamented on the condition of her feeble mother. On every term, she was agonizing. Grieving in pain, enduring the oppression without a hitch. She wasn't living in the past anymore. She had affirmed the fact that she would die soon. Yet there was a tangible faith with her, which kept her alive until the last moment of her seeing the mother weep. Like there was no tomorrow for them..

Like the dusk had cast a shadow upon them. In a form so intimidating. Perhaps the Cancer was it.
It was there to have her get done with the life meanings. But why devastate others' lives while taking away just one? Why ruin the hopes around one soul and be somber for the rest of their lives. Does every illness act that way?

I cant write.. She cant terminate the endings of her gone soul. It feels like one of those non-ending eclipses, which never let the light replace it.

I feel vacant for her.. The words with no emotion whatsoever.

Like she had urged the life to let her mother be with her. Since, there was nobody else. To look after the grown up being.

Just an admiring mother for a child !!

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