Friday, April 20, 2012

I Tried . . .

  Last night I had a dream,
  Full of visions and a deep scream,
A cry to attain something on top,
It was a scar, yet to be cropped.

Then I boggled a little on future,
Pondering over matter still to be nurtured.
It was a dream worth acquiring,
Full of obstacles yet inspiring.

Life has taught me to move on in every condition
Days and nights of tough tasks
Commencing the wars of winning from your own self,
Assiduous in nature, yet acting as a stealth.

The more I move forward,
I abandon the word coward
On the way to give an existence to my vision,
With loaded passion and unveiled precision.

I had taken a step forward to make "all" come true,
With million perspectives yet just a glorious view

Overtime, I was told, that failing was my work,
Fretting and dancing back upon was also one of my chores,
However, I was belittle of the failure encountered,
But there was just one gesture that was nobly uttered,

I tried ,
At least the steps count than not climbing at all.. I tried !!

© Latika Sareen
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