Saturday, April 25, 2015

Why Dont You Letter Me?

Had not it been 10 years
You would have lettered me
With a crimson glow on your cheeks
I had known I would have smiled a little,
Where are those times of laughter
We used to have bursting a balloon,
Shaking the pebbles and swaying with the air.
All that,
Yes all that.
Feels displaced.
Like there was a new rage over and over
As loud as a man's cry,
As far as the continents ,
As lost as light behind a curtain
That falls only to close the patterns of
Our chapters,
The breadth and the width
Top to bottom
For once, I said it again...

Why didn't you letter me?

What was the reason
Of that demeanor
The stones you left me with words on it
What was the theme
Behind your words?
Or was it me who just meandered
From a mountain worth of ride
That once again uttered
The last phrases of your kiss
That it said

I would have been back,
If I wasn't gone 
Far so deep that I cant return
To a new solitude. 

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