Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Aching Soul

We were aware of the part
When it was reaching closure
The hearts were as if stitched
Or injected with a drug of menace
So impure, That it wasn't recognizable

You departed, So did I
You left me weeping
Even through the night
Trust me.
My heart ached.

I saw the thousands of kids
With their mothers holding their hands
While I had none to look upto
I would just walk by. With an aching soul.

The times when I wanted to
Shop through the flip-flops, the sharing of
Lollipops. The pens and pencils I wanted to
Write about. You weren't there to be the share.
Trust me . My heart ached.

The time I grew up from a girl to a woman
You weren't there to get me through it.
All you said wasn't enough. It wasn't enough
To help me survive. But I did.

Months passed. And so did years
The void was never penned with
Anything new. Despite you being
There mama, you weren't.

And you wouldn't be a cure
To any of my disputes Ach
Since you left me when it was

And never came back with an umbrella as completion. 

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