Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Now and Forever. (II)

I don't know when it happened. But when it did, all I ever did was regret. Then came an instant in my short life where he proved me that there could be nobody best for me than him. He proved me that he is the one to make it worth a damn while. And he would be the one to just go out there and yell out my name even if it was (god forbid) his last wish.

He does everything and anything to see a damn sunshine face of mine.

He knows my birthday and not an excuse.

He knows the date and time of my damn mood swings.

He knows when I am not asleep.

He knows when I am studying, working, driving etc etc etc etc etc.

He knows EVERYTHING. This guy knows me in and freaking out.

Keeping all this in mind, I fell for him. There are shortcomings in every sweet individual. He has em to. I have em to. You have em to. Literally everybody. But getting a diamond in the rough castle would be a fair deal to the fate. So,

I accepted

The fate of his to mine .

We have rebounded now. For now and very forever. 

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