Thursday, November 21, 2013

A letter to be a "published author" ! Unconditional Bliss !!

Theres no other feeling higher than an emotion of uncounted happiness. Not just that, it is that matter of atoms as to say which makes you and could break you. I had never known that starting from one blog would make me into a published author today. This feeling is much much much greater than any other birthday, anniversaries, walk outs, graduations etc etc. With this much of unconditional exhilaration, I have indeed abandoned all my sorrows of yesterday and present. It feels one heck of a person right now knowing that people NATIONALLY, INTERNATIONALLY would read my work in the Published book named "THIS TIME AROUND". This was a total unexpected overwhelming emotion, I can not hold onto this sort of bliss but its REAL! Latika - PUBLISHED AUTHOR Bring it on. Lots of love and honor to all my supporters and time which caught me offguard. Today.
21st NOVEMBER 2013!

Have never been so definite about anything before. Your work creates you. :) And today I am a published author at the age of 21. Couldn't get better. Rejoicing ! 

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