Saturday, February 16, 2013

Another Chapter with him . YAY

He was back on February 8, 2013 to me. We finally thought of making another chapter with some refreshing memories. I don't know how ideal was I in a relationship with him. But when he finally got back to me, I was  at ease with a blunt smile deep down inside. It was a pleasure mixed with rage and a fuss. Yes yes yes, I did blow up at him a little; uttering some swollen words. But, in the end he never wanted me to leave. We have been a part of each other from exactly 4 years now. How could we walk away from one another when we were present in the bounces of anxiety and jubilation. I do not know if I would be able to put up with the distance again. Nevertheless I could just say one thing that I have loved you the most in 21 years. Like MENTALLY, LITERALLY, PHYSICALLY . . And any other form ending in 'ly'.

O boy ! "You have also been my infinite desire and a rare devotion". We have also had tiffs and clashes regarding something or the other. Mostly, misinterpretations. But I think when we have actually deeply and firmly needed to confess that we are not made for each other. We have surpassed that with a lively gesture. No matter how many months we have between us . . We know that the feeling of being starved for one another wouldn't go anytime. I have accepted that no one else would love me as you. No one else would desire me as you. The 'n' no. of times when I have tried leaving you behind, you have held me back . . . requesting and making up to all the blunders and unsatisfactory signals. I confess that I do not NEED you by my side but I heart you with all my inner warmth and substance. You know we don't address each other with the fancy tags of : Baby, Jaan, Darling, Munchkin and what not. Love still is there, and it is very much mature in our sense. I believe so.

There are no SOONS AND LATERS in our love story. Regardless all, we have to bump into each other and have a filmy twist with glares and everything. You know what I mean, Sweetheart. Since we have begun on this new chapter again, I would wanna tell you one thing directly that : "I love you more than any other emotion I have ever had any mental encounter with. There is a craving as a wolf's prey in me. To be found and played by you. Touched, cuddled, kissed, made love to, breathed, inhaled and blah. There is no ending to my levitating illusions filled with you. This cordial emotion of living in your romanticism will be alive for times now in my wits".

Love you
Again - Your sour lover!

© Latika Sareen

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