Sunday, January 27, 2013

Borrow me , for a lifetime


I wanna have a day with you
where we could knit our fables,
blend our histories
and laugh over nonfiction phases of our dramatic romance

I wanna sit with you, 
on the edge of the cliff
and breathe in slightly
expressing my tenderness to the sky, absorbing 
your blows and weaving our 
completed yesterdays with wet kisses

Arjun Kamath Photography

I wanna dance with you
in the most unromantic way
so you could inhale the 'real me'
featuring my child side and a woman on the same
with a roar. 

I wanna have you on the sofa by me
brushing around my ear blades
and whispering wordlessly on my neck
with your gasp
consoling me with utmost pleasure to be yours.

I wanna ask you to marry me for once
as i have been through nothing so heavenly before
as you occur so none
with a limit of nothing and pleasure of your love 
inside me and out.

Give me a moment of sheer gaiety
have me called Mrs. Smirth ,
adorn me with your concern 
in a dress melted in your pleasure
to be worn by me..

To have me live by you 
with a child of our own,
lets dream tonight . 

Just you and
And a carpet of blood red roses
You make me walk on.



© Latika Sareen

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