Friday, December 14, 2012

Wilderness Personified

I crave your mouth, your hair, your jaw
Your silence and your laugh
I hunt for our memories spent together
under the cold moon
in the weather so mild.

I want to eat away the remembrance I have
of you in me
Harshleen Jammu Photography
like a vagrant looking around
in the mist for his character

I run away from your darkness
for I have swallowed much
as a wolf hankering for flesh
in the wilderness

I hunger for your sleek kiss
your hands full of savage glow
hunger for the touch of your feet
I want to consume you like cashews

and I move around
to find the depth  of your sincerity
when I see you as
voracious as a wild bear.

                                                                    © Latika Sareen
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  1. so this is what being sensual all about? ;)
    Love the words that you put in. evokes feelings that cannot be even mildly described as platonic.. I dont have the talent to put them the way you do. kudos!

  2. Thats a reeeealll big compliment. U r too kind. Thanks abhi..

  3. I keep coming for more. ofcourse on the blog ;)
    All the best :)