Monday, December 24, 2012

'Left' India . . . 'Accepted' US

   It has been nearly five years since I 'left' India. That might seem like a direct taunt to some, or a mysterious assertion. From my side, it came out as a remark of despair. Born and brought up in India for 14 years, a decision to fly to US was all a fresh start to life. It wasn't ever mentioned before that we would have to head up there for some good years. Apparently, five years, and I haven't had a tour of the country (India) which once was a part of my basic life. I had come to US in 2007 around winter season in January. It was one of those coldest nights here, when my family was unknown about the weather reports. It turned out to be such stormy nights since our arrival from another world, miles apart that it took us long to get used to US 'extreme changes'.

It was never a good beginning to our approach to US. As a family, all support and heed was there, yet there was a mixture of ambivalent sentiments. Neither my mind, nor my heart was giving in for an utter 'yes'. The two living things (heart & mind, according to me) differed. It was an aura of uncertainty. Fluctuation and indecisiveness.

With the time and workload, it has been only five years here. Time elapsed. Real Quick. People out there say numbers don't really count. But is it the numbers which lack power of convincing or is it two opposed minds? Five years and I have seen enough of NY's sides of minds which convinced me that people do mind their own business here. Being out there with over hundreds of new faces, befriending with them is a rigid task, yet some go through it. It seems like a life process at once and for all. A new flexible kind of a business which requires guts to confer with new faces of human figures. Unfortunately, people residing here for some reason have a deluding image that of a 'reserved' individual. Which holds no grounds in rectified form.

So, getting out of the business mode, I would like to say something on another note. I have had insight of the world growing up here. It ultimately turned out to be a brand new curtain raiser. Doesn't it only enlighten you with the worldly knowledge, but also the life lessons which become essential to enroll in after a span of time.
It's all about one's exposure. The wisdom and living by one's wits. Rest is ash as they say. Mere ash to talk about.

Oh oh, the essential topic to confer over. INDIAN LIFE ! Everything above was considered in a chronological order. Other than all the routine life in 'Famous America', it is now to turn up to the different mindsets. I personally term myself as an Indian soul. Many would debate over the Indian mentality, how shrewd it is or how corrupted people are. Blah Blah. The controversial issues like that never come to a halt.  It is not that living in India would make a person a pure form of river Ganga. Certainly not in any case. Living anywhere with your culture in you and staying connected with your roots is what hold heights. Not that of comparing countries to countries and shortlisting accordingly.

In these five years, I have not failed to remember the accord and intimacy amongst my family members and companions. Despite the jolly festivities here, it is quite obvious for me to reminisce about my time back then in India. Yet I miss my 'Diwalis' and 'Holis' spent there.There is this vibrant charm in spending your days there in the companies of real beauty. The robust souls you have an encounter with in the form of strangers and outsiders. The times of sitting down with legs folded for pujas (spiritual ceremonies). Here, we barely even attend it because of hustling schedules. Marriage events; decking up; chats over people . . . . OH!! What a boosting spirit that used to be. Accounts of sundry affairs. . scattered in minds, here and there.

The times of hanging out with friends throughout the day and not getting back to homeworks. How uncanny and failure of a student does that sound? Well, now if I pen over it, I have no time to be free and actually sit down to munch on popcorns. Time flies! no joke, it does! How at once I notice being in India was free of a work, and now suddenly everything has been reversed. All the family gatherings vanish like it happened yesterday and I arrived here a while ago.. ...
Nothing remains the same, except for getting used to the everyday life of entering 20's.

For now, its all about WORK! COLLEGE! FAMILY (Less likely) and NO MORE ME..
Its America folks, no rest is the key. . . But I am glad to be a part of this community, to be independent a lot more earlier than the actual age and be euphoric about what I have in life. Stuff.


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