Tuesday, August 16, 2011

List of "To be done Stuff"

Oh Lord, I have this list which never ends.. There is no particular age of doing all this, but my desire to have them fulfilled is a chimera !! INDEED !!

                   Read alot more - The last e years have been real bad in terms of reading. Even  though I am a reader, but somehow i try to stay away from books.. I am just too smart to get near them, ha ha... Naah, but today i actually fetched some novels from the library in order to keep myself occupied in this 2 month vacation.. However, I do read a lot of stuff online - articles, blogs, stories etc..  I value learning in all forms and am not discriminating hard copies to soft copies but I am still an ardent fan of physical books. I want to get back to that.

                 Drink to the fullest once in my life - Umm Usually not my type, but i believe once in a while Boozing wont be bad for you? or is it?? Do i care when i go insane? Well not really but Once in my life, I would LOVE to get drunk to the highest point. Its sort of a impression to set on people, You know.. I just like messing around.. & then get bullied later.. uhh those mates!! Naah, I have never gotten that chance of getting drunk, perhaps i dont like such companies.. yah the 2nd one is legit.. But once sounds no bad to me..

             Get Social - I am such an Introvert.. A reserved personality.. I was so born with it, BY GOD!! But i like it like tht?? I mean m not in a company of people who go on and on.. I have no inclination for them, Coz sooner or later they get me off the track somehow.. Getting on age might make me talk.. would it?? Lets see, hoping to see the brightest side of such stuff too !!

            Travel More - OHHHHH !! Its travelling.. Am i even related to it?? As a matter of fact, I do travel.. Am so not a home buddy.. But still, Travelling as in Other states, not in terms of market or picnics.. Duh !! That is so casual.. But yah.. India is my # 1 priority in terms of travelling.. Ha ha
Will soon plan to head on a world tour.. Oh yahh !! Might get lil too lavish, but ; but who cares?

These were the basic things i need to get updated with.. Some minor ones include Eating.. Exercising.. Study Mathematics.. Babysitting perhaps.. aah !! & some other stuff..
Oh yah.. I also hate being lost while watching movies.. Its like my personality trait.. Do i also need to lower down my staring level at people?? haha.. We ll talk about that later !

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