Sunday, July 14, 2013

10 Nonsense Words he couldn't wait to say

He knew he was spreading a web for me, yet I was naive in a major sense back then. It was tough to make him pay for what he did, not impossible though. Prayers helped. His words didn't. His perceptions said I was gullible, mine said he was underdeveloped. Douche !

1.) "Could you google your stupidity's symptoms?"

2.) "Everybody thinks I am not a loving guy. But trust me, I get along with you and not my mom or sister" (LIKE REALLY?)

3.) "Every guy out there is a moron in an extreme way. I am not"

4.) "Every guy wants sex from you. I want your love". (SOB)

5.) "My mom would never accept you. So, we ll elope and tie a knot"

6.) "What would you do by going to college? I ll provide you money at home"

7.) "I am a party guy and I can't skip that. I could skip you"

8.) "You cannot talk to my friends. They ll create problems between us"

9.) "If you go, I ll cut my hand" (SURE)

10.) "Can we have sex before marriage"

Alas! Who would volunteer to marry such a person who is so ingrown. For the sake of nature he's growing into a man, rest is all booty with him. 25 is really just a number I would say. Because you my dear, have no brains to run the world :) Wish you luck, wish you my prayers.


  1. you still remember the dates to admonish him like this :P

  2. Trust me yo, hes a jack***. Some retards don't change.

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